15 February 2017 - Daily Brief

The US stock market yesterday showed all his strength. Despite the attempts of Janet Ylen to stop aggressive growth of indices with her speech, S&P500 closed again at a new historical maximum. Promises to increase rates earlier than planned is getting more real.

Definitely, with such strong predictions about rates raising the US dollar will strengthen.


Euro fell yesterday against the USD to the level of 1.0540. Such strong predictions about the rate increase will hit negatively on the pair EUR / USD. Especially because the ECB is not going to raise rates. The pair on the European session has already begun to fall, and now falling throughout the day may continue.


The pound also fell sharply yesterday reacting on the Fed's statement. Today the fall for the pound is unlikely to continue. Despite the fact that the dollar is getting stronger across the board, the pound is able to stand against the USD. Today the important news on the UK economy does not come out. We expect the pair will be trading in a range between 1.25-1.24.


The yen remains one of the weakest currencies against the USD. Yesterday the USD / JPY pair has responded to the Fed by strong growth. Today we also recommend buying. In a statement about the imminent rise in interest rates USD / JPY will grow most actively. At the break of 115.50 level, rising easily continue to the level of 117.


Oil continues to trade near the $53 mark. No major changes in price occurs, at present trades by the upper boundary of the flat -54 $ to the bottom - 52.50 $ remain relevant.


Gold can be expected to fall. Strengthening the USD across the board yesterday lowered the price of gold to the level of 1227. Today given the continuation of the USD strengthening, you can expect a further fall in gold prices. At the level of 1218 a strong support level takes place. When prices approach to this point, be sure to close the sale.